Nuburger Review (“The Forks” Location)

The Tropic Thunder chicken burger on the left & Shang-Awesome burger on the right. Flight of beers from The Commons.

The Forks is a historic meeting place dating back 6000 years. If you are not from Winnipeg, as I am not originally, let me create a visual for you. The Red River and Assiniboine River converge, creating a natural skating trail in the winter or a scenic river walk in the summer. They host cultural events throughout the year and farmers markets in the summer. No matter what time of year you go, there is always something interesting to see or do. The peacefulness of the area is why I fell so easily in love with The Forks.

Another favourite part of The Forks for me is the amount and variety of restaurants they have. And with their current update (The Commons), it just keeps getting better. It was Pascal’s birthday two weeks ago and although he hates celebrating, he agreed to go out for supper. I suggested Nuburger, as The Forks is close by and a favourite for both of us. He complied (mostly because beer was involved) and off we went to The Commons to share supper. I ordered the Tropic Thunder burger with a side of fries and Pascal had the Shang-Awesome.

The thing I loved most about the Tropic Thunder burger was the amount of spice it had. I love meals that have a little kick of heat, but not too much. This chicken burger had the perfect amount. The grilled pineapple gave a nice cooling effect so that it wasn’t overwhelming. And of course you can never go wrong with bacon and cheese. The fries were also a hit with me. Nuburger has a variety of dips to go along with your fries for $1, we ordered the chipotle aioli. Because my burger was spicy I found it overwhelming to also have the spicy dip. The chipotle aioli did taste amazing though and I am excited to try the other flavours they have such as the sweet chilli mayo instead.

The Shang-Awesome was the 2013 Le Burger Week winner and it was clear to see why. The house made asian slaw was tasty and provided a nice crunch. Their hot damn mushrooms gave a nice hint of spiciness that was cooled down with the goat cheese. A true masterpiece.

Nuburger is a local burger restaurant that originally opened up in the Osborne Village area. They make burgers that are healthy, gourmet and awesome. Nuburger is also an environmentally conscious business that buys their ingredients from local farmers. Nuburger has won the Le Burger week competition three times with very creative tastes. You can also find many different and delicious vegetarian burger options that will leave you constantly craving to return for more.




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