Joey’s Only Seafood – Restaurant Review (St. Vital Location)

A couple weekends ago a friend of ours invited Pascal and I out for supper at Joey’s Only. I had been to Joey’s once before at a different location and really enjoyed the food. I was excited to go again. It’s funny really because our friend actually doesn’t like any type of seafood but loves the chicken fingers so much that he’s a regular there.

I on the other hand, LOVE seafood. To start, me and Pascal shared some crispy calamari. It was served with both seafood cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. I loved the cocktail sauce and calamari combo so much that I asked for extra sauce to go with my meal.

Calamari, Cocktail Sauce & Tartar Sauce

We went on a Saturday and as soon as I saw what the deal of the day was I knew what I was ordering. The special was crab legs, signature breaded fish, fries and a caesar salad. More food then I could eat, but my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. The fish is deep fried to perfection with a crispy, golden batter which goes beautifully with the cocktail sauce.

I always forget to take pictures before diving in. This is the special after I’ve already eaten most of the crab (and some of the fish and fries).

Joeys also prides themselves with working towards being 100% sustainable in their seafood supply. Both their North Pacific cod and Alaska pollock are wild caught, Ocean Wise certified. Currently roughly 70% of their seafood meets the Ocean Wise standard and they are working towards 30%. Learn more about their goal of sustainability at .

So if you’re looking for a place with great seafood and trying to do their part for the ocean, check and see if there’s a Joeys Only near you. When you do so, drop us a comment on how your visit at that location went and what your favorite item on the menu was so we can try it next time we go.


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